Pretty damn sweet

The Viking left for Norway on Friday afternoon.

He got on a big jet airplane and flew to Copenhagen then Oslo, leaving me 5,000 miles behind.

But before he left, he took to his Tinder profile to send me a brief message:

Gooodbye Michelle

You know you’ve made an impression when he takes over his Tinder profile to say goodbye.

I’ve got to admit, between him, The Swede, and Charlie the Aussie, I’ve met some interesting men on Tinder.

Maybe none of them were love matches, but for sure they were fascinating people with interesting lives.

And don’t forget, I took a trip to Sweden to visit The Swede and got a lovely little adventure out of our friendship.

Perhaps a trip to Norway is in my future?

Who knows.

What I do know is that if you come from elsewhere in the globe, putting that detail in your Tinder profile increases your chances of getting a date.

Even Hoboken is exotic, if you’re from San Jose.


The fun part of being single is getting to flirt with all the single men.

My love of sexting and camming is legendary. There’s nothing like a little flirt to get you through the day and prepped for the night.

In particular, I like flirting before a date so that by the time he picks me up we’re both a little turned on and have our guards down.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a batch of tattooed men – the Viking, the Bail Bondsman, and the Biker.

The Viking told me, “I like your style. So are you going to wear a skirt on our first date?” an obvious reference to a fantasy of mine.

The answer of course is yes, but it remains to be seen if he’ll get his hands up it.

According to the Bail Bondsman I’m “tricky” and “a unique woman who can make a man think of you long after you’re gone.” Thank you so much… I accept that compliment!

I think sexual attraction should be psychological as well as physical. I’m not above playing a few games to keep us both entertained and engaged.

The Biker is sweet. He likes my “beautiful face” and “sexy eyes.” He says I have a brain on me and he appreciates a smart woman.

See.. each one provides pleasure for me… Whether it’s hot-and-heavy flirtation, compliments, or a sweet exchange.

They provide more than enough entertainment to keep me distracted from everything I need to distract myself from.

The Viking Unmasked

imageWell, it’s a first for me.

I didn’t even catch it. The Grey Knight caught it for me. [His blog Me and Dating has brilliant stories about dating from a guy’s perspective. I highly recommend you make the leap.]

I got a message from Grey “If you use the Chrome browser and click on “search Google for this image” for one of your recent posts, you get this:

Oh for the love of beefy, cornfed boys….

So apparently The Viking is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

I suspect he has never gone shark diving either 😉

Can you imagine using someone else’s picture for your online profile? You can never meet up with anyone or go on a date because THEY’RE EXPECTING A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON TO SHOW UP.

It’s the absolute height of deception.

Bad Viking!

Who’s on Tap

I’ve hit a temporary lull in my dating life however things are picking up with three new men – The Viking, The Giant, and the Music Man.

Did I say that I didn’t like neck tattoos?  That was before I met The Viking.  I’ve seen him topless (below) and the man is a god.  Love the tats and beard!  Best of all, he agreed to go great white shark diving with me because… get this… HE’S DONE IT BEFORE!!

image   image

The Giant is a sweet guy who just moved here from Southern California.  Will I play tour guide for him?  You bet!


And finally, there’s Music Man – my personal favorite because his username is a Dave Matthew’s Band song.  We share similar tastes in music and adventure.


So there you have it.  Three new men, three impending first dates.