Cheap booze, here I come!

Tickets for Burning Man 2018: I, Robot are IN THE BAG.

They almost weren’t, however.

I had an American Express I wanted to use for the purchase but TICKETFLY doesn’t take AmEx.


Nevertheless, everything sorted itself out and come July, I will have my two tickets and my vehicle pass mailed to me.


I can’t believe I’m going ANOTHER YEAR!

This will be my FOURTH burn.

It’s addictive, you know.

All the art, and people, and dancing, and music, and community!

It’s shaping up to be so different than my first lonely burn.

But right now I’m planning my Pagan Bunny Burn.

And it looks like Tejas and I will be sipping some fine vintage Smart & Final Schooner Bay Light Rum and Sterling Dry Gin.

This makes me laugh, because at home, Tejas and I drink Hendrick’s Gin mixed with Fever Tree Tonic Water.

We’re quite the connoisseurs.

But when we camp?

Snobbery goes out the window and we opt for the cheapest booze there is.

No worries about hangovers, however.


I have Hangover Guardian – activated charcoal pills – which I take pre- and post-drinking to help absorb some of that nasty cheap alcohol.

Let’s just hope I have enough after the bunny burn to take care of myself at Burning Man!

Cheap booze, HERE I COME!


* UPDATE:  I couldn’t do it.  I had to buy the nice stuff for me to enjoy at the bunny burn.  Hendricks gin, Zaya rum, and some craft beers (to go with my bratwurst, naturally)!


The Burning Man 2018 theme came out and it’s iRobot!

How cool is that?!

I can practically imagine all the Robo Cops, Stormtroopers, and R2D2s on the playa.

I myself own a pair of R2D2/C3PO leggings, in spandex, which is my new favorite fabric.

I did however take to my favorite costume website (etsy) to find something more. . . well, ROBOTIC.

And I found this amazing silver and black jumpsuit, which I think will look FANTASTIC so long as I can squeeze into it.

And just to have a little fun with it (because I really don’t need to add more than my Burning Man black clod stomper boots), I bought a bright blue wig and futuristic wraparound sunglasses.

Perfection achieved!

iRobot, here I come!

St. Patrick’s Day outfit

So, as it turns out, St. Patrick’s Day is the same day as the night of the Rummage Sale Preview Party for the Junior League.

I LOVE to go to the Rummage Sale.  And I LOVE to go to parties.  So the idea of getting to attend BOTH AT THE SAME TIME has me in a tizzy.

Best of all, the Preview Party ALWAYS has a theme – like Hoe Down or Mardi Gras.

Well this year, not surprisingly, the theme is ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Yay!  Green!

Wanna see what I’m wearing?


green-dressAnd I’m pairing it with a custom green velvet fascinator:

green-fascinatorAnd of course, since I’m such a lucky person, I’ll be wearing my GOLD SANDALS!

gold sandalsThe best part of the Rummage Sale is that ALL PROCEEDS go to support local charities which provide goods and services to low income families.

It’s a win-win situation!

Also. . .  I get to clear out the rummage in my garage and donate it to a GREAT cause!

Steampunk Christmas Cutie

I’m working on another costume because why not?

This one is for all the Santa Con Pub Crawls that are coming up.

I’d like to go dressed as a Steampunk Christmas cutie.

So I went ahead and did a mock up of what I thought MIGHT work.

xmas-outfit-jpgAnd I showed it to Tejas who just about vetoed every aspect of it as either too Gothic or not enough Steampunk.

He actually referred to one of my selected tops as “too Ellie May.”


Then he quickly told me I could totally pull of Ellie May. [Incidentally, if you google “Ellie May” to get an image for your blog, be aware that lots and LOTS of porn will pop up.]


This is why Tejas drives me crazy.

[But he was right].

So today I whipped up a new Steampunk Christmas costume.

One which I think is BETTER THAN THE FIRST.

Also, it incorporates a hat and skirt that I already have in my closet.

xmas-costume2So there you have it.  Literally, my final Christmas cutie costume, and at a bargain price too.  I think I’ll be wearing this to the Dicken’s Faire when I go in December.



Space Cowboys

A few days ago, I attended a “Space Cowboys” themed party for Silicon Village Burners.

As usual, the party was amazing and the creativity was really flowing.

It was like a scene out of Star Wars’ Mos Eisley Cantina – with all manner and type of creature filling the space:

  • Certainly some Jedi lords
  • A few space monsters
  • And even a few space pirates

I went as a Galactic Babe.

outfit17Yes, I made a collage of my outfit because I’m sick that way.

I wore my hat for the first time that evening and even took some pics from the evening including one of Tejas wearing it.

IMG_9364 IMG_9365
IMG_9367 IMG_9368


But I couldn’t help but feel like I was somehow less than creative with my costume this time around.

So here, online, I’m going to post what I really wanted to wear:

barf outfitYes friends, I wanted to be Barf from SPACEBALLS!

It would have been so funny and MUCH BETTER THAN A SPACE BABE.

Who doesn’t love Barf?

“I’m a Maug. Half-man, half-dog. I’m my own best friend.”

Maybe next time. . .

The Un-Costume Party

You could say I showed up to a costume party and was the only one in costume. My friend took me to his company’s Holiday Party which had a theme to it. Music genres.

So I carefully crafted a Courtney Love costume, complete with tacky tiara, bleach blonde wig, and combat boots. I was going as grunge.

IMG_8519My friend was “All You Need is Love” and wore red and black with an EL wire hat and heart.

IMG_8512And then we showed up at the party and literally NO ONE WAS IN COSTUME.

Everyone was dressed up super nice, in suits and sequins, however.

You should’ve seen the sideways snide looks I got from other women.

“Look at that woman with the bad dye job walking around in a tiara like she owns the place…” I imagined them thinking to themselves as they snickered at my outfit.


IMG_8515A few people figured out that I was in costume and guessed that I was Marilyn Monroe.


Only two people figured out that I was Courtney Love. And I was so pleased that someone GOT IT that I could’ve kissed them.

So there you have it.

I got dressed up for a costume party where there WERE NO COSTUMES.

Not that it bothered me that much. I just was looking forward to seeing Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc.

In the end, my friend and I ran into only one other couple who was dressed up.

They turned out to be Burners.

Of course.

You can always count on Burners to dress up and have a good time with a theme party.