Heart sing

My see-through red dress FINALLY arrived in the mail.

It’s the right size this time, thank goodness.

And wasn’t I surprised to discover that it comes with BUILT IN PANTIES?!

You know you’ve got a dress of questionable style when it comes with knickers sewn into it.

This means that I won’t need to wear the bottoms of my red bikini when I wear the dress, although I suppose for hygiene reasons I really should.

I’m not kidding myself.

I know this dress can only be worn to Burner parties and get togethers.

Out in the Default World, it would be too revealing.

See-through dresses are relegated to the realm of the supermodel and actress.

See Gigi and Bella Hadid or Miley Cyrus and Rose McGowan.

Definitely not destined to be worn by a 46 year old, thick thighed administrator living out her fantasies by playing with costuming and dress up.

But no matter.

You only live once and this dress makes my heart sing.

Just Like Honey

O. M. G.

The response to my “Thick Thighs and Bodacious Breasts” post has been AMAZING.

Imagine spending your whole life HATING your body only to find a smidge of love for it at age 43.

You write a blog post about that little smidge of love and you get love in return.


I know it’s not for every one.

Body diversity is a beautiful thing, whether you’re tiny, big, or in between

I originally posed for boudoir photos because I couldn’t imagine anything harder than posting images of my body on the internet.

You’ll notice that most of the images I use are close up selfies.

And even after I posted my boudoir photos, I snuck in the picture of me standing, in full thick thigh glory, to another unpublicized post.

I didn’t like the photo but knew that for personal reasons, I had to post it.

So, given that I virtually BURIED the image of my thighs in my blog, you can imagine my surprise to find it was the most CLICKED ON image in my ENTIRE site.

Maybe it was curiosity that made people click.

Maybe it was desire.

Or maybe disgust.

Hopefully more of the former, less of the latter.

In any case, I just want to say how touched I am that you all took a moment to read my post and share your approval of it, even if you’re not into thick thighs.

And if you are into thick thighs. . .

. . .mine are sweet and thick, just like honey!

But the BEST PART OF THE DAY was getting this message from someone special: