Not the brightest bulb

I worked in a beer booth at the annual Boogie on the Bayou street fair. I had a big bottle of lukewarm Snapple iced tea and a small bottle of frozen water, which I drank all the water out of until I was left with nothing but a cylinder of ice, courtesy of the 90 degree heat.

I kept trying to stuff the ice cylinder into my Snapple to chill my Snapple down. No luck. It was just a little too big.

I waited several hours to drink my Snapple, waiting for that damn cylinder to melt enough so could drink it.

Finally, I looked over at my friend Midge and said, “Well good grief! It just won’t fit.”

And Midge looked at me with this incredulous expressiona and said…

“Why don’t you pour them both together into one of the plastic beer cups.”

“Holy sh*t, Midge,” I exclaimed feeling mightily embarassed. “That NEVER OCCURRED TO ME!”

AM Beer Booth