I’m going to Burning Man!

Amidst all the planning for the Bare Burn, I am also trying to organize myself for the BIG burn.

Burning Man, itself.

I got my tickets and vehicle pass in the mail this past weekend which got me all excited about my upcoming trip to the desert.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into Burning Man trips.

A lot less planning though now that I’ve been there a couple of times already.

My stuff is loosely organized.

I have Burning Man outfits to wear.

My only problem is I don’t know where I’m going to sleep.

Will I be in Teja’s RV?

Will I be in a tent?

Am I driving my truck there?

Is The Swede joining us and if so, do I need to get a bigger tent to accommodate him?

All these questions need answers.

But if I’ve learned nothing from Burning Man, I’ve learned that even the best laid plans go astray and I need to worry less about the plan and focus more on being as prepared as I can be.

Diagonal clippers.


Duct tape.



Face mask.


Shade structure.

Honestly, just making a list gets me all excited because I know I’M GOING TO BURNING MAN!

Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man Main Sale tickets went on sale yesterday.

At $425 plus taxes and fees, they’re no small potatoes.

They sold out in THIRTY MINUTES.

Most of my friends trying to buy tickets in the Main Sale did not get a ticket.

I’m lucky.

I got a DGS ticket (Directed Group Sale).

I am a part of a camp that is provides essential interactivity at Burning Man therefore I get access to buy two of 70,000 or so tickets set aside for the purpose of bringing people to Burning Man who work and provide the incredible interactivity it’s known for.

Can you imagine if the tickets were sold to a majority of people who just want to show up and party?

There’d be no infrastructure or interactivity to make Burning Man what it is – a community experiment in art, music, and interactivity in the Nevada desert for one week out of the year.

I bought two DGS tickets in the sale.

My extra ticket is reserved for The Swede, who might be coming to Burning Man this year.

What a lucky guy, eh?

To have someone grandfather you in with a DGS ticket on your first burn?


I got my first Burning Man ticket by SHEER LUCK in 2015.

I managed to snag one in the Main Sale during the 45 minutes or so that they were on sale.

I sat in my tiny basement office on campus and watched the clock countdown to noon and the SECOND it hit noon, I clicked the “Buy” link.


The rest is history.

Of course, DGS tickets come with strings attached.

Because they’re associated with a theme camp, there is a requirement that you provide a certain number of hours to setting up and tearing down the theme camp as well as providing manpower for interactivity where it is required.

So The Swede and I will have to do more than just show up and have a good time.

We’ll have to work.

But is it really work when you’re in the world’s best playground, with a community of creative people, creating memories to last a lifetime?

I think not!


MichelleDid I say I DIDN’T WANT to go to Burning Man in 2017?


I may have spoke too soon.

Because lately, it’s all I can think about – hanging out on the playa, making new friends, letting my freak flag fly, etc.

I know I said I was going to Hawaii instead.

And I am.

But couldn’t I do both?

I’ve got so much stuff already organized for the trip.

All I really need to do is reinventory everything, add food and water, and I’m good to go.

Course this year could be VERY different.

You see, Tejas has a lady friend.

AND she’s a burner.

So the Motorbeast may already have two occupants.


As lovely as it is to see him all coupled up with someone, it certainly throws a wrench in my Burning Man plans.

So if I REALLY want to go, I’m going to have to look into alternative arrangements.

Could I POSSIBLY stomach going in a tent again?

Maybe. . .

Regardless of whether or not I tent it, the bottom line (and the thing I need to figure out) is whether or not I’m going to commit to going.

Part of me thinks I might as well commit because if I don’t, the week before Burning Man will roll around and Tejas will find a ticket for me and I’ll go amyway because. . . you know. . . FOMO.

And I’m finally getting the hang of this Burning Man think anyway.

It’d be a shame to stop the adventure THIS EARLY IN THE GAME.


hamiltonSo I managed to buy 4 tickets to the upcoming San Francisco showing of Hamilton.

Genius that I am, I bought a pair of tickets for the show the day after I get back from Hawaii.

Yes, after waiting in line for 4 hours to buy tickets, I messed up and bought them for the WRONG date!

So I sold them to a friend.

I haven’t heard much about Hamilton other than hearing that it’s THE Broadway musical to see this year.

It sounds rather boring and stuffy – a play about founding father Alexander Hamilton.

But it’s reported to be ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

So I can’t wait to see it with Barbara in March.