Things that never happen the the Default World

img_0113One of the great things about being located at 6:30 and E-G at Burning Man this year, besides the WONDERFUL central location, is that we happened to be across the street from Barbie Death Camp (and just a stone’s throw away from the kink factory known as Retrofrolic).

I had a FANTASTIC time at Barbie Death Camp.

I went there one day because I heard that they were giving out free massages – regular or “erotic.” They also had FOUR HANDED MASSAGES!

Now I know you all are hoping that I went for the erotic massage but those were really intended for couples – so that one partner could be instructed on how to stroke the other partner in a sexy fashion.

I got in line to get a regular massage.

While I was waiting I was urged to partake in a vinegar foot bath (to combat the alkalinity of the playa with the acidity of vinegar).

However, the foot baths looked rather dusty and unappealing and the last thing I wanted to do was soak my feet in them.

img_0163Before I knew it, my massage therapist was taking me behind the curtain to disrobe and lie naked on a massage table while she gave me a full body massage, topless.

This is Burning Man, folks.

Anything goes.

What followed was the best, most relaxing massage I’ve ever had.

Usually, I have a hard time relaxing when a stranger is touching me.

Maybe it was because I was on vacation at Burning Man. Maybe it’s because my therapist had great energy. Maybe it’s because it was noon and I already had two gin and tonics in me.

But I turned into a pile of goo right there on that massage table.

I’m fairly certain that she used coconut oil on me because I smelled like a tasty toasted coconut after my massage and my skin was beautifully hydrated and soft.

This is Burning Man, to me. A lovely afternoon getting a massage while slightly tipsy by a topless therapist who chats you up the whole time.

This would never happen in the Default World.

Sad face.

Who doesn’t love lingerie?

If I was going to go topless, the Angels/Demons party would probably be the (adult) place to do it.

I, however, am not going topless.

So I have to make an alternate evil plan which involves a little more clothing and a little less skin.

My black Italian bra (gorgeous) and my black strappy bra (sexy) are a little too obvious under the sheer top of my Demon Dress, so I had to look online for something less obvious but equally sinister.

I decided to go with a bandage bustier.


It’s got smooth lines and will look classy yet sexy under a sheer top.

Maybe it doesn’t look as evil as you think it should, but consider this…


This is the backside.

And yes, I will be wearing thigh highs and high heels.  It’s a must!

So there you have it.  A solution to my dilemma… what to wear under a completely sheer dress.


Who doesn’t love lingerie?

Why I want to go to Burning Man

Burning Man (BM) has been on my mind a lot lately.

I was lucky enough to go to a smaller version of BM on my friends’ property out in Redding. They’ve build a community on several acres of rural property with their friends and when you are there Marshall Law rules – and the Marshall is the one with the most guns. They call their town Shinola.

It was so much fun to let my boys drive on the property, shoot guns at targets, and just in general raise a little hell and have fun doing it.

BM reminds me of Shinola on a larger, edgier scale.

Ever since embracing my inner freak, I’ve begun to realize that we all have a little freak in us (some more than others) and I’ve looked to connect with the inner freaks of others. We like to put on our “Clark Kent” persona during the day, but we live to let “Superman” loose. And “Superman” is quite extraordinary.

I’ve heard all about the sex, and the nudity, and the drugs at Burning Man and they just intrigue me. Not that I’m looking for any of that – except for the sex and the nudity of course.

Nudity is one of the primary reasons I want to go there. That and I love being able to go topless in public.
Me topless, in a sarong, chilling in the Nevada desert with a drink in my hand and a man next to me is my idea of fun.

Can you imagine a week of just exploring the art of other people and learning about the eccentricities of others? There’s so much potential growth there. I’m sure some things will make me uncomfortable, but I’m just as sure that I’ll discover new things I like. And I’ll discover new things about me.

I have friends who go to BM and I want to pick their brains about going – what to bring, what to look for, the erotic parts, the soulful parts, and the just-gotta-experience parts.

Truthfully, there are a few of them that I’d like to go with and make a camp with, because they’re tons and fun and there’s nothing better than learning the ropes from someone who’s been there and done that before.

My ideal day at BM – wake up, partake of morning wood, get halfway dressed (topless) and eat breakfast, explore the sights and sounds of BM, find a BDSM performance to watch, watch it, do more exploring, find an erotic performance to watch, watch it, mix and mingle with the denizens of BM, get up to mischief at night, and then have some evening wood to cap off a lovely day.

So. Much. Fun.