Initially, unblunder was supposed to be an adventure blog chronicling all the crazy activities I participate in – running with the bulls, going to Burning Man, racing cars, taking beer making classes, learning to lap dance, making glass bowls, throwing tomatoes in a big group free-for-all, etc.

It has slowly drifted off topic, as I focused more and more on my dating life.

All the strange and unusual experiences I had with strange and unusual men became fodder for the blog.

Perhaps inappropriately so, as some have suggested.

The thing about a blog is it’s a BIG challenge to write every day and still manage to say something useful.

Some days I succeed.

Some days I failed.

Hopefully more of the former and less of the latter.

Regardless, this blog has taken on topics I’m not comfortable sharing anymore.

So I’m going to ratchet back the posts and try to stick to valuable content and let my personal life recover from overexposure.

Wish me luck!

Sad news here

Sad news here.

The Swede will NOT be going to Burning Man with me.

Not only does he have to go to Vegas for work (poor boy), he’s got to get back home early for a commitment.

Normally, I’d be crushed.

But since I knew all along that him coming to Burning Man was a LONGSHOT, I didn’t get my hopes up too high.

However, I was fantasizing about taking my own “Burning Man virgin” to Burning Man.

What would that BE like?

We’d have to take a sauna at Saunadome AND see their electric space car.

Lay under The Firmament.

We’d get naked and washed by many people at The Human Carcass Wash.

And of course, we’d have to go by Barbie Death camp for massages.

There’d also be Transfoamation – where we’d get naked (again) and dance in foam with other burners.

Being a beer fan, I’d have to take him to Home Brew Camp for beers.

Then there are trips into the deep playa on an art car which are a must.

And this year, there’s the Symphonic Ballet “Rite of Spring” that I want to see.

Not to mention visiting The Man and The Temple and watching them burn, burn, burn to the ground.

I also imagine ALL THE SEX I’d get and if you ask me, I am most disappointed that I will not be saddle sore by the time Burning Man ends.

Because I find Burning Man very stimulating and it would be SO NICE TO HAVE A LOVER.

Nevertheless, I will have a grand time, I am sure, even without The Swede.

There’s too much to see and to do.

Too many friends to visit and have fun with,

too much booze to drink,

too much music to dance to,

too many lights to enjoy,

too much of everything to feel lonely.