He called it “cute”

So I’m texting with Eric when he asks me if I’ve cleaned my car since Burning Man.

“I didn’t drive my truck to the playa,” I responded. “I flew in to Reno then took the Burner Express bus in.”

“Oh, what kind of truck do you have?” he asked.

“A 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Sport,” I reply.

“Oh. A little truck,” he texts.


Is he making fun of my truck?

So I ask him just that and tell him just how much I love my truck.

“I’m just saying it’s cute,” he tells me.


“This is not how you get on my good side,” I reply.

I’m amazed.

Why would a man who wants to go on a date with me talk down to me and make fun of my truck after I very plainly told him how much I love it?

Bad form!

And here I was all excited because he was a burner AND has a trailer he goes camping in.

He also asked me if I “showed my boobies” at Burning Man.


A grown man calling them “boobies?”

Strike one.

Strike two.

One more strike and he’s out!


* P.S. He struck out. He called his dick a “pee pee.” Seriously.



Do we need to do something like this?

Hanging a pair off your truck… now that’s classy.


You know what I want to do?  I want to go up and kick those lopsided little balls and make them swing.

Truly an awful example of redneck America.

You know who’s got the balls in my truck?


That’s why I drive a truck.