Passing out 3,000 turkeys

IMG_8418On Tuesday, November 23rd I volunteered with City Team to hand out turkeys to Bay Area families in need.

It was an incredible experience.

There were THOUSANDS of frozen turkeys in bins lining Avaya Stadium in San Jose.

Families entered the stadium through one entrance and shopped for perishables and non-perishable food.

Then they got to the section with the turkeys.

Each volunteer was handed a turkey and then he or she escorted their family back to their car or the bus, carrying the turkey for them.

As it turned out, November 23rd was a very cold and rainy day.

I was wearing flip flops.

Fortunately, I had a jacket with a hood in my car.

But I was still freezing.

I looked so out of place I got interviewed by Channel 7 News.

With the cold arctic wind blowing my hair all over the place, the reporter asked me what brought me out on this cold day to volunteer with City Team.

I responded, “It’s a great service that City Team is doing here – handing out over 3,000 turkeys to needy families for the holidays. I wanted to volunteer somewhere where I could make a difference and connect with people in need.”

“Were you prepared for the cold and the rain?” the reporter asked.

I laughed. “No, I was not. I’m wearing flip flops.” Cut to an image of my bare feet in flip flops. “I was going to go home but then I found a warm jacket in my car and I figured it was meant to be that I volunteer today.”

The cameraman took a few shots of my feet while I chatted with the reporter and then they left and I went back to slinging turkeys.

The experience was well worth the cold and the rain. To see the looks of appreciation on the faces of the families as I carried their turkeys to their cars for them, it really warmed my heart.

Next up – the Home Safe Holiday Party in Santa Clara where I work on crafts and serve food to battered women and children living in shelters.

Lots of need to fill this time of year.

Get out and volunteer (Volunteer Match is a great resource).