Clever Girl

I just signed up to take an online course called “Making Short Videos.”

I’m really excited about what it might mean for this blog.

I could definitely improve the user experience by adding short videos to my daily posts.

And this class shows you how to do it all on an iPhone.

Now, I’m not sure I want to only learn how to make videos on an iPhone.

I have a laptop after all, with editing programs and capabilities which I’d like to learn as well.

But this is a good start.

Before you know it, you’ll be seeing my mug on camera, vlogging for my little blog.

I’m a bit nervous.

You know how no one likes the sound of their own voice?

Well, that’s going to be a hurdle I have to get over.

And damn if I’m not ready to show the world exactly how many chins I have.

Hint:  it’s more than one.

But it’s entirely possible that I will wind up creating a YouTube channel to host my vlogs.

Who knew this was even possible?!

I only learned about this class because it was advertised to me via an email.

Everyone in my family says I should be taking continuing studies classes.

And I have to agree.

I never would have known I was under insured without the help of my Financial Planning 101 class in 2016.

It occurs to me that the perfect video clip I could create would be about Burning Man.

But I may need a permit to post it so don’t hold your breath.

It would make a FANTASTIC first clip, though.

Don’t you think?

Hi Miss Michelle

In January 2015, my friend Mark committed suicide.

In the dark dark days following his death, I found little comfort except in knowing that I had upwards of 50 little videos that he made for me that I could watch when I felt ready.

Then in August of 2015 I discovered that I’d inadvertently deleted all the videos after assuming I’d properly backed them up.

I was crushed.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I’m going through my old computer looking for a picture of me salmon fishing when I stumble across all those old videos.

I immediately played one.

Mark’s baritone voice came over my speakers.

“Hi Miss Michelle.”

Heart stops.


Face drops into open palms.

Deep breaths.

Come back! I want to say.

You are missed so badly!

But there are no words to reach him.

There is only his voice, reaching out to me from the archives.

“Hi Miss Michelle.”

Hi Mark.

Need to improve your sex life?

1.  Toys (THIS is my newest favorite)

2.  Costumes (THIS is a popular choice as is THIS)

3.  Role Play


4.  Get naughty in public – let your hands wander, make out, have fun!


5.  Watch sexy movies (suggestions HERE)

6.  Watch porn together (try Candida Royalle or Dane Jones if you want more couples-friendly porn).

4906236a5e4c319bbd0d22d32c882ac27.  New lingerie (LINK)


8.  Date night!  Do something fun together.  Plan to get lucky when you go home.


9.  Be romantic.  Flowers and champagne go a long way….


10.  Share fantasies.  Don’t know how?  Read THIS guide.

11.  Yoga.  Especially when naked 😉 [LINK]

12.  Take a shower together.  I recommend doing this on a regular basis!


13.  Do it every day for a week.  Reacclimate your body to your standards of yesteryear.

14.  Try OMing.  Don’t know what that is?  Click HERE.

15.  Go to a NAKED SPA and relax in your birthday suit.  If you can’t do that rent a PRIVATE HOT TUB ROOM and have fun.

16.  Take a mini vacation/road trip to someplace nice.  Pretend you’re hooking up with a stranger in your hotel room and enjoy yourselves.

17.  Try different sexual positions.


18.  Read erotica to eachother. [LINK]

19.  Wine.  ‘Nuff said.

20.  Get some good lube.  This SH*T is awesome.  Buy a gallon of it.

21.  Try a little D/S.  Don’t know what that is?  Click HERE for the lite version (what is popular right now) or read THIS for the more advanced.