There’s a wellness program at my work that assesses our fitness on an annual basis.

I skipped taking the assessment for the last two years but this year (since I get paid to do it), I took the assessment.

Lo and behold, I am in WORSE shape than I was in 2012.

Le duh.

Just so you know, it takes a tremendous amount of strength and character to get your health measured when you know it’s pretty bad.

I found out that in seven years I’ve gained 55 pounds.


How does that happen?

Well, I’ll tell you how:

  1. Eating too much food and beverages (specifically alcoholic beverages)
  2. Not working out enough
  3. Skipping daily weigh ins
  4. Living a sedentary lifestyle.

As it turns out, I’m only too aware that I can’t continue on this path.

Therefore, I’ve begun a fitness regimen.

I’m weighing myself EVERY DAY and going for walks on a regular basis.

I’m working myself up to 10,000 steps a day.

If you ask me what has changed between this post and my last post on dieting, I can tell you this – I AM EXERCISING.

And that’s new for me.

Usually I try to lose weight with only dieting.

But I see the importance of working out regularly now and I’m committed to being a dedicated dieter and adding exercise into my daily routine.

Truth be told, my cousin Jennifer has also inspired me to get fit.

She herself modified her diet and added exercise into her daily routine and now she looks even more fabulous than she always has.

She gives me a success story I can relate to.

Hopefully, in a few months I’ll be well on my way to better health, leaving my days of sloth and gluttony behind me.

Just watch me!

A hoop for Michelle

Breaker, who got his playa name not because he breaks things but because he FIXES things, came over my house the other night armed with hula hoops and lots of gaffers tape in MANY different colors.

We played around with hoops and he decided to give me a hoop with some sparkly holographic tape already on it.

Although he said it was a mediocre wrap job and we should remove it and redo it, I opted to use it anyway. After all, I’m nothing if not expedient.

So in order to add weight to your hoop, you wrap tape around it, first around the inside to “grip” you as you hoop and then in angled stripes around the hoop for weight and for appearance.

Well this is where I got screwed. Because if your original tape isn’t on properly (and mine wasn’t) it becomes that much harder to wrap the other tape around the hoop.

Here I am working on taping my hoop.  Picture courtesy of Breaker.

hoopI managed but the end result wasn’t as clean as I would have liked.

Nevertheless, I’m totally excited that I now have a hoop that I can use to practice hooping with, at home and at jams in the bay area.

I’m infinitely indebted to Breaker for sharing his hoop with me.

I also have a hoop to take to Burning Man with me for fun! )'(

hoop hoop



I was happily texting with a new acquaintance when he asked for my dimensions.

“Height, weight, bust?” he asked.

I paused, momentarily offended that my appeal to him boiled down to some superficial numbers which were no measurement of the woman I am.

But since this was important to him, I decided to go with it.

And I lied.

I gave him dimensions that were slightly better than what I really am – aka I lied about my weight.

Then I added that “I’m a curvy girl.”

Let’s see if he likes curvy women, I thought.

And the answer was no.

He replied with a curt, “A bit different from my taste.”

Oh, so educated, pretty, smart and funny ISN’T your type?

Ironically, his rejection of me didn’t faze me one bit.

Which must mean that somewhere on the inside I am beginning to develop my own self-esteem. I no longer crave external reinforcement to power my opinion of myself.

So if you want to know if I’m upset he didn’t like me, the answer is no.

What would I have done with a WANKER anyway?

And should a guy who’s 5’6″ tall really being throwing stones at glass houses?