I need a dog

Pints and Pups was this weekend.

I dragged myself out of bed, picked up Barbara, and headed over to Golden State Brewery in Santa Clara for some snuzzles with doggies and BEER!

It was fun to see old friends and to hang out with Barbara.

Drinking beer.

Barbara, in case you didn’t know it, is my “sister.”

We look so much alike people mistake us for sisters.

I got to check out the rescued dogs brought to the event by Thulani Senior German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

They rescue senior German shepherds that have been abandoned by their owners in their old age.

It’s heartbreaking.

I got the feeling like these dogs were searching the crowd for their person and not finding him or her.

They kept looking off into the distance.

Oblivious of my attempts to garner their attention.

But I loved on the doggies anyway and perhaps even signed myself up to volunteer with Thulani next weekend.

Of course, you MUST know that my favorite breed of dog is German shepherd, on account of I’ve had two and they were THE BEST DOGS.

I miss them terribly.

So I was incredibly pleased when friends took it upon themselves to paint an image of my Wendy girl from a picture I gave them.

It’s stunning!

Warms my poor little heart to see her again, in a painting.

This is actually a picture of Wendy around 3 years old, taken when I was rescuing her from the Tri-Valley Animal Shelter.

She somehow managed to sit long enough for me to snap a photo.

Wendy was never the sort to sit still for any length of time, so I was especially pleased I managed to get that photo of her.

And just like this picture of Mac (below), my first white German shepherd, it has become my quintessential photo of Wendy.

I need a dog.



Pints for Pups

I have a “thing” for animal rescue videos.

Whether it’s saving a dog from a swift moving river, or rescuing an abandoned pig, I’m ALL OVER IT.

Truth be told, if my living situation were more suitable to taking care of animals, I’m sure I’d be hosting a farm of animals in my home.

All my pets have been rescue pets.

From Patches, a kitten I grabbed from a box left at the Strawberry Festival in Los Gatos to Wendy, a formerly-awful turned sweetheart of a white German shepherd.

I’m down to one fur baby right now.


I first met Princess when I was working at a spa in Saratoga.

She had five kittens and was FIERCELY protecting them from anyone who came near.

She lived in a barn and ate out of a dumpster.

But she was BEAUTIFUL.

Princess has cocoa brown face, paws, and tail, a cream-colored body, and the bluest eyes.

Despite her initial ferocity, she turned into the sweetest lap cat imaginable.

She’s virtually a dog, she’s so attached to humans.

This weekend I am going to an event called Pints for Pups.

It’s all about raising money for homeless dogs via beer sales, ceramic sales, and art sales.

I love this event.

Not just because my friends have organized it.


I love it because it finds homes and provides care for dogs being fostered for adoption.

There’s a group called Thulani and they rescue senior German shepherds.

You can imagine how much love I’m going to pour into those dogs when I see them at there.

Which reminds me to invite you to join in the festivities and come to Pints for Pups!

Don’t buy.



Adios 2017!

How do I feel about 2017?

I’m ready to bring on 2018, that’s how I feel.

In 2017 I had to put down my dog.

That was a difficult and sad time.

I also applied for, and lost, two jobs: one I was excited about and one I was less than excited about.

So perhaps it’s for the best, though it hurt both times to be rejected.

2017 wasn’t all bad though.

I went to unSCruz with The Swede and had a lot of fun.

And, of course, I am in Sweden right now visiting The Swede.

I travelled to Burning Man in 2017 and had a fantastic time so there’s that too.

But there was also a WHOLE YEAR OF #45’s antics and quite honestly I have had my fill of that charlatan.

Three more years? Good grief!

2018 brings some promise.

I will continue to look for another position at work so there’s potential for growth there.

And, once again, I am going to unSCruz AND Burning Man, not to mention that highly anticipated spring Pagan Bunny Burn.

I also start my medical weight management program which I’m not REALLY looking forward to except for how much healthier I will be on the program.

So there’s that.

Overall, I can say adios to 2017 and welcome in 2018 with an open mind and an open heart.

I’m looking forward to the coming year.


I picked up Wendy’s ashes from the vet and she now lives in my room, on a bookshelf.

It was a sad and sobering moment placing her on the shelf, wishing she was still alive and thriving.

I miss her terribly.

I’m down to one pet now – a cat named Princess.

She’s a GORGEOUS Burmese cat with light blue eyes and the SWEETEST demeanor.

I found her in a barn behind the spa I worked at over a decade ago. She was raiding the nearby dumpster for food and had 5 little kittens with her.

I found homes for the kittens but kept her on account of WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CAT SHE IS.

I didn’t care that she was virtually feral.

I loved her from the moment I saw her.

And she has turned into a very UNFERAL lap kitty.

So you can imagine my dismay when I took her to the vet and found out she had fleas, a gum infection AND pancreatitis.

Between my sons and I, she is getting her medications round the clock to take care of all her illnesses.

In an effort to fatten her up, I went nuts on amazon and bought her eight different flavors of cat treats and a little stuffed turtle filled with catnip.

Because I ALWAYS go overboard.

Luckily, Princess seems to like ALL HER TREATS so I’m hoping she fattens up soon and puts a little weight on her sleight frame.

Lord knows, I’m in no shape to lose another pet.

RIP Wendy

Well, it’s taken me a week to get to the point where I feel ready to blog about it.

My dog Wendy was put to sleep last Friday, May 19th.

I adopted her from the Tri Valley Animal Shelter when she was three years old and she was a TOTAL MESS OF A DOG.

She was crate trained but nothing else.

She was so wild that trainers advised me not to leave my two young boys alone with her.

I didn’t know what I was getting in to. All I knew was that I’d lost my precious Mac a few weeks earlier in a deadly car accident on Highway 80 and I needed to bring a new dog into my life.

Of course, Wendy looked JUST LIKE MAC.

I spent $25 buying Wendy from the shelter and $5000 training her.

The trainers at Cooperhaus Kennels worked wonders with her, to the point that I could recall her with just the sound of my voice.

Over the years, she mellowed but she still maintained a little wild streak.

She never learned how to kiss until the very end, she always wanted to nibble.

Her favorite game was keep away, she never learned to fetch.

On a hot, sunny day in California, Wendy was laid to rest surrounded by her loved ones.

Birds chirped overhead and you could practically see the smile on Wendy’s face as she soaked in all the attention she was getting.

She was so enthralled with all the love bestowed on her, she refused to go to sleep after the vet gave her the sedative.

After waiting patiently for 10 minutes, the vet gave Wendy another shot to make her fall asleep.

Wendy got 10 extra minutes of love due to her stubbornness and her enjoyment of all the attention she was getting.

With two shots of sedative in her Wendy fell fast asleep.

And then the last shot was administered which stopped her fierce, beating heart.

Losing Wendy was difficult.

My dogs have always been an extension of the son I lost to cancer in 1998.

Their presence in my life symbolizes hope, unconditional love, and the bond between a parent and a “child.”

I have been blessed as Wendy’s caretaker, to have been given nearly 9 years with this AMAZING dog and I will hold onto all the precious memories I have of her.

I love you Wendy.


New Guy

Lives in Pacific Grove.

Has a 9-year old daughter.

I’ve always wanted to wind up with a man who has nothing but girls.

Seems kinda cool to share my boys with him while enjoying the camaraderie of his daughters.

I could use more feminine energy in my life.

In any case, he is rather nice.

I’d like to pat myself on the back for picking a good one.

It remains to be seen if he has any of those offensive qualities that so many of the men I date seem to have.

But so far so good (he hasn’t asked to cum on my face or see my tits).

We’ve bonded talking about our dogs.

He has Luna.

I have Wendy.

In my experience, dog people are good people, so this is just more proof (in my mind) that he’s a decent guy.

I could use a nice guy at this junction in my life right now.

Ironically, his username has the word “jaded” in it, which of course I asked about because hey, if he’s truly jaded, I think that I’ll take a hard pass.

But no, turns out he just uses it because he thinks it makes him sound edgier. Cool.


Cool would be ubiquitous. Or auspicious. Or chivalrous.

But jaded?

We shall see. . .

Mac and Wendy

My son Douglas died of cancer in 1998.  He was a newborn who developed sacrococcogeal teratoma in utero and his little heart couldn’t keep up with the blood supply demands of the tumor and he passed away September 22nd.

Concerned about my deep, profound grief, my ex-husband adopted a little white german shepherd puppy for me and we named him Mac.

Mac brought me back to life.  He was my dog, thoroughly bonded and I could let him off leash and he would follow me around like we were tethered together.

On the 10 year anniversary of Douglas’ death, Mac fell out of my truck window on Highway 80, was hit by a car, and killed.

People thought I should be comforted that this all happened on September 22nd.

I found no solace in the thought that this was all part of God’s design.

In my grief, I adopted a new white german shepherd – named Wendy.

Wendy was three years old and a total disaster.

I adopted her for $25 – no questions asked.  I spent $5000+ training her.

We called her our Wild and Wicked Wendy!

Wendy is now 11 years old.

Her back legs don’t work so well.

In fact, they barely work at all.

She doesn’t seem to be in pain.  She just can’t move around very well.

I know what’s coming up and it’s going to be SO HARD FOR ME TO LET WENDY GO.

She is also an extension of my son and so long as I have her, I still have a little piece of him left with me.

So spare a thought for Wendy, if you can.  She could use some good thoughts sent her way.

So could I.



Emotional Wreck

So as it turns out, one of the joys of having a 40 day menstrual cycle is that is makes you an emotional basket case.

I’m all tears.

The SLIGHTEST little provocation sends me into tears.

WendyToday, my dog Wendy LOVED her new bear squeaky toy, courtesy of BarkBox, thank you.

She went bouncing off into the grass with it in her mouth, looking so beautiful and regal, even at 11 years old and I started to think how short the time I have left with her is and.. . .


And of course, we’ve all heard about the tragic death of SJPD officer Michael Katherman.

Nextdoor emailed me a neighborhood update with a picture of a Santa Clara County Fire Department rig on the highway overpass where Officer Katherman’s body was traversing, with all the LGPD and firefighters on top of it saluting and. . .

OMG, the tears!

I wept like I would never stop, as if I knew the fallen hero.

kathermanIt’s Friday afternoon and all I want to do is go home, watch cheesy romances in bed (anything with Kate Hudson in it), eat ice cream straight out of the container, and CRY.

Nobody touch me. Nobody flirt with me. Nobody talk to me.

I’m cocooning.

Ok, I lied.  Someone come snuggle me.

Spoiling the fur baby

I have two fur babies at home – my sweet and cuddly Princess and my wild and wicked Wendy.

IMG_0020 IMG_0026

My youngest son, who wants to be a veterinarian, is particularly sensitive to Wendy.  He spends time with her, cleans her food and water bowls, and even gives her baths.

In my budget, I have a line item for Wendy – a small but sensible monthly stipend I can spend on her.

This month, I purchased a Bark Box for her.

Can I tell you HOW MUCH FUN my son and I had breaking open that box and tantalizing the dog with tasty treats shaped like baseballs, a stuffed squeaky baseball bat, a plush hamburger (which my son is sure Wendy will destroy in 3 days), and a jerky stick, etc?

baseballbat hamburgerI guess the theme was BASEBALL and boy, did Bark Box hit one out of the park for Wendy

So I’m here to tell those of you with fur babies of the canine variety, that BARK BOX is INCREDIBLE and doesn’t skimp on their treat boxes at all and they’re SO MUCH FUN to open and watch your dog play with.

Here’s a link to their site, if you’re so inclined to sign up yourself and your fur baby. And no, I don’t get a kick back. I just happen to think they’re AWESOME!!!

Bark Box

And. . . let me take a moment to remind you that there are lots of pets out there looking for homes.  If you’d like to expand your home to include (another) pet, consider going to your local animal shelter and adopting.  The closet animal shelter to me is the Human Society of Silicon Valley (LINK).  If you can’t adopt, consider donating to a NO-KILL shelter.

The post where my dog ALMOST got attacked

I took Wendy for a walk in my neighborhood.

I was across the street from a house with people out front. Their golden retriever was off leash and decided to bark at Wendy and charge the edge of the property. I kept Wendy walking forward. She looked at the other dog but she didn’t react. She’s learning her manners. A month ago Wendy would not have ignored the challenge. She would have inflicted some serious damage to the retriever.

Then… I KID YOU NOT…. the owner of the retriever actually COMPLIMENTED his dog for charging us.


I would NEVER, EVER compliment my dog for displaying aggression. And I would be horrified if she charged someone taking their dog for a walk past my house.


Because I have a wicked streak, I was half tempted to march Wendy across the street…

“Hello there stupid golden retriever, meet my fearless german shepherd!”

Of course, that would be very bad for Wendy’s training, but don’t think I haven’t mentally berated that owner for being an idiot.