Paying bills and growing fingernails


Well, it’s not that I have NOTHING to write about, it’s that NOTHING I feel like writing about is WORTHY of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Like who wants to know that my nearly 19 year old son is asking me to buy him a $35,000 sports car to “motivate” him to go to school and get a job?


If someone fucking bought me a $35,000 car, WHY ON EARTH would I work or go to school?!

Nevermind that I have YET to own a car worth that much.

AND. . .

I knocked the fingernail off my little pinky finger on my left hand and am ECSTATIC to discover that it’s growing back!


I did it while sleeping on Tejas’ couch when I caught it on a seam and ripped it off.

Who knew sleeping could be dangerous?

And then DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED on how freaked out I am about my mom’s heart condition.

She gets winded all the time and has to sit down but continues to chase after her two little grandsons like it’s the best thing in the world for her.


And of course, there’s the fact that now I am suddenly responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, food shopping, etc. for a household of 5 people!

I BARELY have time to relax before it’s bedtime.

I start falling asleep at 8 pm.

So that’s my life in a nutshell

No outrageous sex.

No fun parties (although there is a 40th birthday party and the Pagan Bunny Burn coming up).

No cool costume building.

Just paying bills and growing fingernails.

That’s all that’s going on here.


So I’m at work, wearing a lovely sunflower yellow sundress.

I got three compliments within 15 minutes of arriving at work.

One person told me “You better have a date tonight. It’d be a shame to waste that dress.”

The truth is I LOVE this dress.

I’m going to wear it to the wedding I’m going to in September.

It’s simple and understated yet festive and bright.

But I discovered a design flaw.

There is no lining.

And HOW did I discover this, you might ask?

Well I turned sideways to look at my butt in the bathroom mirror at work and discovered. . .

. . that my blue lace underwear was TOTALLY SHOWING THROUGH MY YELLOW DRESS.

Now I understand why so many people were looking at me when I went to lunch.

It wasn’t (just because ) I looked pretty.

No, it’s because they could see my knickers!

The thing is, now I have to figure out what to do to get myself through the rest of my work day without flashing too many more people my undergarments.

And I think I’ve come up with a pretty good answer.

One that will make all my “unblunder” followers proud.

I’m going commando!


I was going to title this post “FAT ASS” but I like my ass

michelleAs part of my job as an employee at my work, I am offered incentives to get healthy, stay healthy, and eat right.

It’s a remarkable program that I am sure uses employee data for longevity studies.

I am basically offered $580 bucks every year to take free classes that improve my health and fitness levels.

Pretty cool eh?

Some of it is fun.

I took a class on Mindful Eating, a class in Elder Care, a class in Planning for College, and so much more.

I also took a Fitness Assessment today.

And believe it or not I didn’t bomb it.

True, I did have too much body fat and my BMI is higher than I’d like to see it be, but overall, I had a healthy, strong heart and INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY.

I always rock on the flexibility tests on account of I took ballet for decades as a child and I still have that muscle memory.

Nevertheless, my instructor had me huffing and puffing up and down 10 flights of stairs that made me realize that it’s time for me to GET MY ASS IN GEAR AND START EXERCISING.


You heard it here first.

Michelle is going to get herself in better shape.

Starting with a diet plan my friend Lynne has been on that helped her lose over 100 pounds in about a year.

I also have a (free) meeting with a personal trainer to discuss getting in shape and I plan on emphasizing to her how strongly I feel about NOT RUNNING, maybe only walking, slowly, on a flat surface, or maybe downhill only.


But seriously, I’m a walker, not a runner.

But I also like kettle bells and resistance bands.

So we’ll see what kind of a workout she puts together for me.

Hopefully it’ll be fun or else. . .

. . .I’m out of here.


I’m going to Burning Man, and that’s final

the manGoing to Burning Man, and that’s final

One of the reasons I was hesitating to go to Burning Man this year is that I was reluctant to go through the whole process of setting up a tent and shade structure AGAIN.

It was a lot of work.

Last year I at least had the illusion of having a partner on playa.

This year I’m going it alone.

I worked up the courage to ask Tejas if I could stay in his RV and HE SAID YES!

So with that barrier removed, it looks like I’ll be going to Burning Man.


This year.

Our only dilemma is a privacy issue if each of us wants to get our groove on.

But I figure I can just go someplace else.

The one rule Tejas has is no sex in his bed.


The only time I had sex in the RV was at SoulFire, and I used the floor.

You see, it’s impossible to mattress dance properly in the bed over the cab, which is where I’ll be staying.

That bunk has “Missionary Only” written all over it which doesn’t work for this Cowgirl.

In any case, I’ve made up my mind that I’m going so I’m going.

Thanks Tejas!IMG_9368

Build Day

I attended my first Build Day for Camp OS in San Jose on Saturday.

I arrived to discover that a huge portion of the work had already been done – the erection of the geodesic dome. [Ha ha, she said ‘erection’]

I was greeted by the biggest dog I’ve ever seen, but also the sweetest and shyest. His name was Pan and he was adorable.

So a Build Day is a lot like craft day at my mom’s house – all her friends are invited over to work on their craft projects together to GET IT DONE. Only on a Build Day the crafts are larger and they involve power tools.

We worked on getting some Playa Tech projects done – a few bench seats with cup holders and a closet.

Here is the team working on cutting peg board for the carnival mirrors that Tejas was working on.

IMG_5308Here is a pic of the finished closet. Swanky, eh?

What did I learn about Build Day that I didn’t already know? Well, I got to know the personalities of some of the team members. I also learned that sometimes a lot of arguing can be part of the creative process and lead to some amazing results.


A two headed me!