Naked retreats

Years ago I attended what I call “my naked retreat.”

Actually, I attended three.

After struggling with feeling out of place at the first retreat, something finally broke through at the end of the weekend and I connected with my fellow retreat attendees.

I went back and attended two more naked retreats.

I joined their mailing list which periodically sends out emails advertising activities but I have yet to participate in anything.

Yesterday, I got an intriguing email for an non-naked workshop on July 7th in Sacramento:

At first, I laughed (isn’t that how it always starts?)

Then I thought about it:  An emotional honesty workshop?

Actually, that sounds like something I could use.

Round about this time, the new guy texts me so I send him a screen shot of the workshop.

His response:  Cool.

So I asked, “You’d go?”

Because if the answer is no fucking way then the new guy isn’t right for me.

He said he’d consider it but really feels like it’s too soon to discuss something like that.

And I agreed.

Plus I’m going to a naked pool party on July 7th.

There’s no way I’m skipping the party to attend this workshop.

But It’s on my radar now.

And the new guy sailed through another test without setting off any red flags.

So there’s that. . .

Costume Workshop and Clothing Exchange

I will be hosting a costume workshop and clothing exchange in March.

I have fond memories of my first costume workshop.

It was my first Burning Man event EVER!

I’d managed to land a ticket to Burning Man in the 2015 sale and I needed to find a camp to stay with at the burn.

So I conducted a Google search and found a group of Burners who were putting on a costume workshop.

At Lupin Lodge.

I’d been there before so I was fully prepared to see naked people but at the workshop where I was, everyone was clothed and working on creating costumes.

I brought stuff to make a tutu out of red netting.

Can I just tell you, I NEVER FINISHED THAT TUTU!

That’s right.

I start projects and never finish them.

Which is why I will be bringing some of my hat making supplies to the costume workshop.

I’m sure other people will find my knick knacks very useful for their projects and it’ll help clear out some of the clutter that’s in my room.

Ribbons, sequin appliques, and hats.

I’m totally excited about the workshop and clothing exchange.

Not just because I’m big time into costumes, but because it’s my first time producing an event with a new burner group.

And I’m totally stoked to be part of the team.

Every year I think, “Yeah, I just going to SLOW DOWN all my burner activities.”

And every year I get sucked back in.

Can’t fight it.

I love the Burning Man community!

Ecstatic Singles

I’m going to an Ecstatic Singles meetup with my friend Bagelfather.

I’m going to go for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like hanging out with Bagelfather. He’s smart and clever and makes me laugh and think about things in different ways.
  2. I swore off internet dating so I guess that means I have to do it the old fashioned way.
  3. I happen to have gone on a few retreats organized by the group producing the Ecstatic Singles workshop and I think it’ll be good for me to go and get back in touch with my sensitive side (which is what the retreats brought out of me).
  4. I haven’t been laid since unSCruz and it’s making me bitchy. Why just the other day I made a snarky comment about a 3 year old. A three year old baby! Bad Michelle!
  5. I need to practice my flirting. The Swede has been gone forever (and I will likely be in Burning Man for his next California visit) and I’m at a loss for finding men to flirt with.
  6. Eye gazing. I’m sure it’s going to happen. Just like I’m sure it’ll make me uncomfortable for a while. And then, as if by magic, I like it.
  7. There’s dancing! And I love to dance (even though I suck). Bring on the new age music, mama’s got to get her groove on.
  8. Have you ever seen a bunch of hippies dancing around a room ecstatically? It’s something to behold. The freedom of expression. The movement.
  9. I have the expectation that the men I meet will behave themselves better than the ones I meet online. I’m going to write a blog post about my experience.
  10. I’m happy being single. Which is precisely the state of mind I need to be in to meet someone special.

We shall see. . .