In my family, there’s something called a Zezza butt.

It’s a really nice ass, larger than most, but perky and round.

I’ve got a Zezza butt.

As does my cousin Jennifer and my brother Art.

We’ve even taken a picture of all our asses, lined up (I’m #2 in the lineup).

Not everyone likes Zezza butt, but they should.

It’s pretty awesome.

I recall one instance in fact when a very athletic burner requested that we fool around in his RV SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SEE “DAT ASS.”

It has slowly dawned on me that some people like curvy women.

Some people like slim women.

And some people LIKE ALL WOMEN.

I’ve given up trying to hide my body, which will never look like Heidi Klum’s, and am working on embracing all that JUNK IN MY TRUNK.

Starting with buying some short shorts for the Burn.

Okay, I DID buy a pair of shorts a few weeks ago that were (optimistically) two sizes smaller than my current size.

I’ve now replaced those shorts with booty hugging, booty boosting, putting-it-all-on-display jean shorts.

Four pairs, to be exact.

That way I’m sure to find something I like.

No, I won’t look like Jessica Simpson in my shorts but fuck, I like my thick thighs.

And other people do too.

They feel just as good wrapped around a sturdy man as slim ones.

And stuffing all my jelly into a pair of Daisy Dukes just gives me a little thrill.

Hope it gives you a thrill too. . .

Zezza Butt

At Burning Man, I was playing around with a sexy bartender at Ali Bar-Bar when he looked me dead in the eye, smiled and said, “Let me see that ass.”

“It’s called a Zezza butt,” I replied.

And indeed, that is what it’s called in my family.

Zezza butts are nice and round, a little on the larger side, but well-liked by many and appreciated by even more.

I’ve always had a nice butt.

And when I met my birth family, I discovered that I was not the only one with a nice butt:

Here we all are, mooning the camera on a camping trip. This picture includes me, my sister-cousin Jennifer, and my brother Art. The high and tight butt that OBVIOUSLY does match is my cousin’s husband.

Over the years, many people have tried to capture the charm of my butt and here are a few pictures that come close.

Hope you too like Zezza butt!






Eye See You

It just wouldn’t be unSCruz or a Burning Man regional event if there wasn’t some form of body modification available.

Body modification with includes tattoos and sensitive bits.

The king of body modification, on account of the fact he goes to all the events and always brings his “kit” with him is the Hiney Hygiene guy.

He will pamper your posterior as well as give you a temporary tattoo.

So I dropped trou.

And this is what happened:


FYI, posting that last photo got me banned on Facebook, so enjoy it here, where the only censor is me and I fully approve this post.



Booty Shorts and Lace Bras

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “uniform” for my upcoming Burlesque class.

Somehow, I think yoga pants and a tank top aren’t going to cut it.

No, I think I’m going to have to break down and buy some booty shorts at Sedusa and put all my junk on display.


I’m a little nervous about showing it all off. After all I have a very substantial Zezza butt (below) and a body that makes Marilyn Monroe look like a stick figure.

But in the scheme of things, this will help me to face my fear of showing my hips and thighs.

Maybe I’ll be more confident at the beach after this. Maybe I’ll learn to love my body a little bit more. Maybe I’ll appreciate all the junk in my trunk.

Maybe I’ll just regret the bagel I ate for lunch.