Not such a sucky holiday after all

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and I’ve finally gotten up off my ass to do something.

First, I bought SNARKY Valentine’s Day cookies for my kids.

They know I love them, they just prefer rude cookies over polite ones.

Second, I set up a zoom for a Valentine’s Day gathering complete with frosty beverages, entertainment, and plenty of snarky comments.

So if any of my friends are available, they are welcome to join me over the internet to celebrate.

I didn’t hire entertainment this time around.

Although I would LOVE to hear Rachel Lark belt out “You try writing a love song” on Valentine’s Day.

This time around I’m hoping that I can serve as entertainment.

I’ve memorized a poem and I plan to recite it for everyone and encourage them to do the same and share their talents with us.



Dad jokes.

Magic tricks.

Whatever works for my friends works for me.

So if you’re curious what I’ll ACTUALLY be doing for Valentine’s Day, the answer is I’ll be wearing a onesie and hat and entertaining friends online.

It’s not such a sucky holiday after all.

Woot woot Ms. Lark

Well, it’s OFFICIAL!

I’m happy to announce that the illustrious Ms. Rachel Lark will be performing her brilliant, bawdy brand of songs for my birthday.

For my ACTUAL birthday!

I couldn’t be more pleased.

I have seen Rachel perform live in-person two times:

Once at Burning Man.

Once at a private burner party.

Both times I was blown away by her clever lyrics, challenging subjects, humor, and lofty commentary on modern life and relationships.

Although this won’t be in person, it’s the next-best thing and the best gift I can give to all my friends and family who show up to wish me another entertaining spin around the sun!